Website woes

I've finally entered into the world of websites.  I'm usually not a procrastinator but there are just some things in life, I wait for the last minute to do.  Actually, I entered the world of websites 12 months ago and left it dormant. So after all these months humming and hawing about working on the website, I took a few hours off from everyday life errands this morning and took the plunge.  Most importantly, I finally found a template I liked: post a couple of design disasters. Thank you SquareSpace customer service and Nick Z, who walked me through the process of choosing a new one!

A few words about "PAu-Wow":  "PAu" is a combination of my first initial and my last name. The nickname was unintentionally created by the late diction coach, Nico Castel.  I was a participant at Opera Nuova in 2008 and Mr Castel was reading a name off of the schedule with such confusion, "Who is this POW?!" After several minutes of perplexity, my colleagues and I realized he was inquiring about me! Nonetheless, the nickname stuck.

So, "PAu-Wow" will be a combination of blog entries and news announcements so stay tuned for more funny, sunny, and yummy stories.  

And thanks for popping by!